This project contains all CB related language plugins organized as different sub-projects for each national language.
All official CB Language plugins will be available in the sub-project repositories.

The following language projects are available:

Afrikaans af-ZA n/a Arabic ar-AA 1.7.1 Bulgarian bg-BG 1.8
Chinese zh-CH 1.8 Chinese zh-TW n/a Danish da-DK 1.8
Dutch nl-NL 1.8 English en-GB 1.8 Finnish fi-FI n/a
French fr-FR 1.9 German de-DE 1.8 Greek el-GR 1.8
Hebrew he-IL n/a Italian it-IT 1.7 Macedonian mk-MK 1.2.3
Persian fa-IR 1.7 Polish pl-PL 1.2.3 Portuguese pt-BR 1.4
Portuguese pt-PT 1.8 Russian ru-RU 1.8 Romanian ro-RO 1.8
Serbian sr-SR 1.7.1 Slovakian sk-SK 1.4 Spanish es-ES 1.8
Swedish sv-SV 1.8 Turkish tr-TR 1.8

If you do not see your language above (or below in the sub-projects list), it means that no one has offered to manage this translation project. If you are interested in the job, then please contact Nick (aka nant) on Joomlapolis to apply.

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Manager: nant

Latest news

Greek CB 1.8 package released - v1
Version 1.0 of the CB 1.8 Greek language plugin just released!
Added by nant over 1 year ago

New zh-CN project
Simplified Chinese now available for CB 1.8!
Added by nant about 2 years ago

CB 1.8 en-GB Language plugin released
CB 1.8 en-GB language plugin released for english language customization and translation projects
Added by nant about 2 years ago

CB 1.4 language prepearation
Added wiki for CB 1.4 language package preparation
Added by nant about 3 years ago

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