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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version Estimated time % Done
3208 Bug Closed Normal J2.5: access level check works correctly only for system-default access levels beat krileon 1:00

3098 Bug Closed Normal redirects still failing krileon krileon

2966 Bug Closed Normal Registration redirect not working krileon krileon

1951 Bug Closed Normal facebook connect ddog22000 krileon 1.0

1653 Bug Closed Urgent Facebook no longer needs email domain nant krileon

1649 Bug Closed Normal Backend user deletion should remove xml file from cache nant krileon

1648 Bug Closed High Fatal error with RC3 when leaving facebook session nant krileon

1643 Bug Closed Normal RC4 appear to not work nant krileon

1630 Bug Closed Normal You must configure an email domain before requesting a user email nant krileon

1621 Bug Closed Normal invalid email causing problems with integrations or CB it self krileon

1620 Bug Closed Normal You cannot create a user with this User Grup Leve. Only Super Adminstrator have this ability krileon krileon

1609 Bug Closed Normal Facebook connect not ok with SEF on from a non-homepage nant beat 1.0 RC1

1606 Bug Closed High FBC and Captcha produces errors nant nant 1.0 RC1

1599 Bug Closed Normal Breaks login? nant beat 1.0 RC1

1581 Bug Closed Normal Make changes so this does not install on non CB 1.2.2+ websites nant nant 1.0 RC1

1571 Bug Closed Normal Registration icons lost when plugin is enabled nant beat 1.0 RC1

1551 Bug Closed Normal Last rewording changes nant beat 1.0 RC1

1549 Bug Closed Normal Trying to link to an already linked fb account does not give error nant beat 1.0 RC1

1499 Bug Closed Urgent Need FBC Language strings for cbteamplugins_language.php beat beat CB - CB 1.2.2 0:18

1492 Bug Closed Normal Facebook id and previous id should not appear in edit mode nant beat 1.0 RC1

1491 Bug Closed Normal Facebook connect email proxy not working - maybe use API? nant

1481 Bug Closed Normal facebook connected users have email that doesn't work - i think different method is needed nant beat 1.0 RC1

1480 Bug Closed Normal FBC menu item in cb menu nant beat 1.0 RC1

1479 Bug Closed Normal Minor rewording in facebook plugin instructions nant beat 1.0 RC1

1459 Bug Closed Normal Small instruction change proposal nant krileon 1.0 RC1

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