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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version Estimated time % Done
1652 Bug Closed Urgent bad email when existing user is present nant krileon

1650 Bug Closed Normal Backend user deletion should remove xml file from cache nant krileon

1584 Bug Closed Normal Change @dummy to @invalid when generating placeholder email address nant nant 1.0 RC1

1582 Bug Closed High Used Token information nant krileon 1.0 RC1

1580 Bug Closed Normal Make changes so this does not install on non CB 1.2.2+ websites nant nant 1.0 RC1

1579 Bug Closed Normal Instruction wording changes nant nant 1.0 RC1

1570 Bug Closed Normal Registration icons lost when plugin is enabled nant beat 1.0 RC1

1556 Bug Closed Normal Change parameter instructions wording to use nant beat 1.0 RC1

1555 Bug Closed Normal Change Both to New Registrations & Linking nant beat 1.0 RC1

1554 Bug Closed Urgent Cookie-related bug ? blocked on timeout in a browser and have 2 Notices beat beat 1.0 RC1

1553 Bug Closed Urgent Framework should auto-load plugins language file (e.g. from Login module) beat beat 1.0 RC1 0:30

1498 Bug Closed Urgent Need Twitter Language strings for cbteamplugins_language.php beat beat CB - CB 1.2.2 0:18

1493 Bug Closed Normal twitter id etc should not appear in user edits? nant beat 1.0 RC1

1490 Bug Rejected Normal Could twitter leave the email field empty on registration? nant beat 1.0 RC1

1454 Bug Closed Normal Make twitter username really unique nant beat 1.0 RC1

1450 Bug Closed Normal Add warning in edit mode to sync fields nant beat 1.0 RC1


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