Substitutions - Tabs to Fields

Technical documentation
04 June 2010

Sometimes you don't want to use a tab, but would love for it to be an actual field instead. This is very possible without breaking the structure of the tab and the usage of the tab while having the benefit of it being a field. Using a Delimiter field you'll need to add the following substitution.

[cb:usertab tab="##" user="#displayed" /]

You'll need to replace ## with the ID (found in Tab Management) of the actual tab you wish to display. Now save your Delimiter field as appropriately, but this isn't enough! If you leave the tab you're trying to render visible as well they'll conflict! So you'll now need to navigate to Tab Management and edit the tab. Then move its position to a "Not displayed on profile 1 location" (doesn't matter which). You now have a working tab as a field!