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invite errors not displaying correctly

Added by krileon about 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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19 October 2011
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When an invite is a duplicate or the recipient is the owner for example it is just saying the recipient is invalid instead of giving a more exact error such as that they are a duplicate. This is due to the WHERE checks inside the queries, which should be removed as it needs to be done on PHP side for better error handling.

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Updated by krileon about 12 years ago

This happens when inviting by username or name because the list is trying to exclude already existing users before sending to the multiple user found list. Unsure how to approach. If I remove the checks in the query then users would be sent to a page with numerous users who are already invited, which was a previous complaint.. need to somehow make the error more clear without ruining these checks.

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Updated by krileon about 12 years ago

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Fixed by performing an exact match against the invite criteria after it fails to find any users so it can properly calculate its error. If the search is too broad it'll give the typical invalid recipient error.

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Updated by krileon almost 12 years ago

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