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23 November 2022

16:50 CB Auto Actions Feature proposal #9079 (Assigned): Implement location parameter to limit where an auto action can load
This should have the following options.
Frontend Only
Backend Only
This avoids having to load the ...

22 November 2022

18:13 CB Activity Feature proposal #9078 (Assigned): Implement getContext function for assets which tries to build a url based off the asset
This will allow easy linking back to a comment, activity, or notifications context. Currently this is being done manu... krileon

21 November 2022

16:52 CB Activity Feature proposal #8897: Improve inline replacers like emoji, stickers, and reactions to be treated as 1 character
Still needs to be done for hashtags. krileon
16:51 CB Activity Feature proposal #9071: Implement strict sticker, mentions, and hashtag inserts
Implemented stickers and mentions as (sticker:STICKER_ID) and (mention:USER_ID). The legacy parsing behavior can also... krileon
16:49 CB Activity Feature proposal #9077 (Assigned): Implement better accessible dropdown navigation
When a dropdown is open arrow keys need to be able to navigate through it. krileon

17 November 2022

16:18 CB Paid Subscriptions Bug #9076 (Assigned): Tax rules applying to $0 basket
This is causing negative amount baskets. Tax rules should be ignored for $0 baskets or at least an option to ignore t... krileon
14:21 CB Paid Subscriptions Bug #9075 (Assigned): Baskets in a Reversed state can be manually renewed causing duplicate recurring subscriptions
This impacts Stripe and likely any other gateway using dispute states. When a basket is Reversed and recurring there ... krileon

15 November 2022

18:43 CB Redirect Bot Feature proposal #9074 (Assigned): Implement per-URL header response
Currently header response is globally applied to each URL. Implement support for selecting a header response per URL.... krileon
18:31 CB Feature proposal #9073 (Resolved): Implement URL IF substitutions
Implemented in MR !1833
The following will be available once merged.
New IF Operator:
contains = STRING contai...
18:09 CB Feature proposal #9073 (Resolved): Implement URL IF substitutions
Would be helpful to be able to condition against a URL or a URLs variables for conditioning content based off where i... krileon

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