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Redesign to function like other sites do

Added by krileon almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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21 May 2012
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Other sites don't logout and don't block. They simply send an email to the new email address and if you click the link it changes the email address. This can easily be done as the database is already there to determine the new email based off confirm code; simply set the old email after profile update and ensure the new email was pushed to database then on click of confirmation link set the new email. If link is never clicked then don't change the email address from the old.


#1 Updated by krileon almost 9 years ago

This includes removal of the "revert" feature and ensure the confirm link is HTML click-able.

#2 Updated by krileon almost 9 years ago

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Trigger is being changed to "onBefore" so plugins using "onAfter" don't mistakenly get the new email when it was never confirmed yet. At the end of the query, profile update, etc.. the email is changed back to the old email thus the email will not be changed on storage.

Implemented firing of "onAfter" trigger when user confirms the email change so plugins using the trigger will be informed of the change.

#3 Updated by krileon almost 9 years ago

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Default email message has been changed to provide an HTML click-able confirmation link. Note this won't affect those who have already saved their plugins configuration and will need to be added manually with <a href="[reconfirm]">[reconfirm]<a/>.

#4 Updated by krileon almost 9 years ago

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