Bug #3841


General new group edit does not display category dropdwon correctly

Added by krileon about 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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01 January 2013
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When a parent category has group create disabled, but the children have group create enabled it results in the categories not showing in the dropdown. It however should still show the nested categories as they allow group creation. It should probably turn the parent into an optgroup in this situation (so it can't be selected).

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Updated by krileon about 10 years ago

  • Target version set to 2.7.0
Actions #2

Updated by krileon about 10 years ago

This may not be possible to fix due to unlimited depth capability or disabling the proper sorting/indenting of categories in the dropdown. What's happening is the parent doesn't exist in the array returned from the query retrieving categories that allow group creation and when it sorts them based of parent order it removes the child because the parent does not exist.

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Updated by krileon about 10 years ago

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New function will be needed to loop through and properly add categories/groups to an options array. Remove optgroups that have no children as well. Test implementation shows promising results.

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Updated by krileon about 10 years ago

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Implemented getCategoryOptions and getGroupOptions class functions to properly build a options list of category and group edit pages. These are only implemented to frontend as backend does not need access or permission checking. This increased query count and page load times slightly due to much more access checks then previously as previously would easily omit half or more of the list due to previously only going 1 depth.

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Updated by krileon almost 10 years ago

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