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Implement version dependency

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19 September 2014
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Currently you can have package dependency, but you can't have package version dependency. This is helpful to have modules, plugins, etc.. depend on a component version for example. Extend the dependency feature.

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There's no way to reliably do. Versions are dynamically parsed on package rendering. The versions can change at any time as it's due to the available files. Versions would have to be done entirely different and likely require too much manual configuration on every update.

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This can be done using a Repeat usage. It should output as follows.

Version - Operator - Package - Version

So you could have the following.

1.0 <= CB 1.5

Meaning version 1.0 requires CB 1.5 or older and will package it with it. The operator may not even be needed though. Few more examples as follows.

Latest = CB Latest
Nightly = CB Latest
Beta = CB Nightly

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