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Rewrite profile URL API

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26 June 2017
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Redesign profile URL API to a part of the individual provider classes with the current usage being a part of the main provider class. This will allow providers to override how profile URLs are constructed and allow for API requests to be made to construct the URLs.

Subject: LinkedIn profile url no longer works

Description: Appears LinkedIn uses application specific profile ids now like Facebook. This causes the profile url to fail as it's expecting their actual LinkedIn ID. Review API to see if new URL is possible or if, unfortunately, an HTTP request is necessary to obtain the URL.

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There does not appear to be a lookup by id anymore. An API request would have to be made. Redo the profile URL API and move it to the provider classes so individual providers can override how a profile URL is parsed.

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This is a non-fixable breaking change implemented by LinkedIn. Providers can now override how profile URLs construct, but this does not fix the LinkedIn profile URL issue. Instead of LinkedIn profile URLs flat out are now disabled as LinkedIn provides no means for converting an app scoped profile id into a global one (like Facebook). The only solution for LinkedIn is to use field mapping and map the public profile url field to a web address field.

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