Bug #7911


Direct category SEF URLs stuck in infinite loop

Added by krileon over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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03 April 2020
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URLs to category URLs with a category menu item with SEF enabled can result in an infinite redirect loop, but only if not logged in. Examples as follows.


Logged out = redirect loop
Logged in = redirect to the following


It's doing this because the Itemid in the redirect is unchanged. In the routing code it's then pulling the menu parameters back in. It then thinks you're just trying to access that menu item all over again. Probably need to add some failsafe code if it sees func value of all.

Not a critical issue since it's an unlikely or odd configuration since the that menu item shouldn't be being used to begin with if the user doesn't have access to that category as menu access should match category access.

Actions #1

Updated by krileon over 3 years ago

It maybe best to finally stop using pluralized actions for singular action access. Example as follows.


Becomes the following by changing the action categories to category since we're accessing a category.


For B/C purposes the previous usage would still need to be supported if accessed, but this would prevent the router from getting confused going forward.

Actions #2

Updated by krileon over 3 years ago

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This is now at least partially fixed to stop the infinite redirect, but the landing page (all categories) will have wrong SEF links for categories within it.

Actions #3

Updated by krileon over 3 years ago

This won't be able to be fixed until fixed in CB itself. See #8010

Actions #4

Updated by krileon over 3 years ago

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This is at least fixed in GJ where URLs will properly send the user where they're trying to go. They can still end up routed strangled due to needed improvements in CB for #8010

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Updated by krileon over 2 years ago

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