Feature proposal #8704

Updated by beat over 2 years ago

For privacy reasons user to user messages should not be visible in backend. Only system messages for easy management of system messages. 

 _Beat added:_ 

 h2. Reasons for this change 

 h3. Background Background: 

 The reason is that *Human Rights* protect the *privacy of _private correspondence_*: 

 See Article 12 of *"Universal Declaration of Human Rights":* 

 The Universal Declaration of Human rights has *"been ratified by 193 member states":* which is the vast majority of nations.  

 E.g. in EU, this is done in Art 8 of the *"European Convention on Human Rights":* 

 Thus, CB should not help admins breach such fundamental rights by just the click of a visible button, especially if users expect "Private messages" to be private, and have not been expressly warned and have not expressly authorized view by an administrator or moderator with access to admin backend. 

 h3. Exceptions Exceptions: 

 System messages and global messages sent to all users by administrators or system-functions are not private correspondence, and should therefore continue to be visible in the administration aera. 

 h3. Future steps steps: 

 This function was initially added for moderation purposes and harm prevention, so different possibilities for moderation and harm prevention that respect in good balance the right to privacy should be re-examined in the future.