Provides User, IP Address, Email Address, and Email Domain based blocking from login and registration. Logs IP Addresses used to access an account and provides a moderator field for display purposes of latest IP Address. Logs all failed login and registration attempts for spam monitoring. Duplicate login protection to prevent an account being logged in multiple times. Prevents account sharing by monitoring unique IP Address count for login. Provides blocking of multiple registrations to prevent same IP Address from creating multiple accounts. Allows automatic blocking of multiple failed login and registration attempts to stop spammers. Full frontend blocking management from users profiles.

In addition to all the blocking features provides advanced built in Code and Question based captchas with new advanced image generation usages, built in honeypot, and completely configurable. In addition the captcha provides inline audio and refresh buttons for listening to a captcha or refreshing for a new one. Additional reCaptcha captcha mode also provided. Captcha field for registration and profile edit based captcha usage.

This is the "one stop shop" for spam prevention!

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