Substitutions - Tabs to Fields

04 June 2010 14:47

Sometimes you don't want to use a tab, but would love for it to be an actual field instead. This is very possible without breaking the structure of the tab and the usage of the tab while having the benefit of it being a field. Using a Delimiter field you'll need to add the following substitution.


API - Triggers

09 May 2010 02:08

Community Builder has an assortment of triggers which can be used to alter CB data or even Joomla data without hacking the code. There are multiple use scenarios for these triggers. You can use them in modules, components, bots, plugins, or essentially anything you include the CB API in.


09 May 2010 01:53

Community Builder supports substitutions in many locations such as delimiter fields, field titles, cb content module, and more. There are substitutions for simple to advanced and complex capabilities for displaying fields or even tabs. The following will diminstrate how to use CB Substitutions properly and to their fullest extend as well as examples of these usage scenarios. All tests are performed in the CB Content module.