Bug #3282

jQuery conflicts result in CB or 3rd party extension failing

Added by krileon over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Due to different version of jQuery loading CB needs a deeper noConflict so CB can continue to function as normally.

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#1 Updated by krileon over 6 years ago

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Proposed fix adds 2 new header functions to add custom html before all headers as well as after all headers. In addition to this it places CB in a deeper noconflict, caches previous jquery, redefines jquery to CBs jquery, loads in CBs jquery, then reverts jquery back to its previous values (if they exist, otherwise CBs jquery will remain as jquery). This allows CB to function without conflicting by other extensions jquery. Implementation is fully commented to further explain exactly what is happening.

#3 Updated by krileon over 6 years ago

Revision 1 uses existing functions without adding new functions to header.

#4 Updated by beat over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed
  • Estimated time set to 4.00

r1761 and r1762 implement this patch in a slightly modified way to work also with CB modules on CB pages with same jQuery plugin, while keeping compatibility, and avoiding javascript warnings.

There is still a pending pull request for Joomla Framework pending to further improve non-conflicts between 3pds here

#5 Updated by beat about 6 years ago

r1780 Renames J_JQUERY_LOADED to CB_JQUERY_LOADED as we are now deep-non-conflict and wish to make sure we get our own one to avoid versions conflicts.

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