Feature proposal #6850

Remove htmlspecialchars_decode in content bot

Added by krileon over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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09 November 2017
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htmlspecialchars_decode is being applied to the entire article text which in some cases can break existing markup, but this is needed to allow substitution shortcode to match since so many extensions and Joomla mess with the markup (WYSIWYG editors are a huge culprit here). See if this can be removed or done in a way that won't break the original markup.


#1 Updated by krileon over 3 years ago

Simple fix for this is to change the " matching in REGEXP to (?:"|") allowing it to match the encoded version as well. The reason this issue happens is if you put a substitution inside of a WYSIWYG link URL parameter it'll encode the " (which is correct), but we still want the substitution to work.

#2 Updated by krileon over 3 years ago

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Fixed in MR !1304

Individual content bots need to also be fixed and any other custom substitution parsing needs to handle encoded quotes.

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